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First Person Horror game.


Set in a fictional location, you play the role of David, a building inspector working for a local architect in the city of New Ledford. Facing financial issues and the risk of losing your home and marriage, you decide to take on a job that may be your...



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Installation 19 is a first person horror story based game. It's still in development and set to be released by October 27, 2017. Demos of the game will be released to gather feedback from the community.


We welcome all comments as we are very eager to hear your opinions and other thoughts you may have.

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The link provided will take you to our Mediafire page where you can download the studios alpha demo.


Link to the alpha demo.


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Looking forward to the "full" game version of this.

Nicely done, very atmospheric.

This game was really awesome and really well made!... although i did break it lol. I couldnt find the way out but I still had a great time trying!

I make game reviews on the games i played this week one of them was yours so i hope you enjoy the video


This was an amazing game i really loved this and i hope you like the video

Why isn't this on the #1 spot of itch.io. The visuals, sounds they're super good. It has some quirks but that's called and alpha. I am following this .


I'm going to be a horrible person and say that I actually found the demo a little boring, go to place A to get key to place B, I heard the "creature" but never saw it. I can see where you're going and the sound design is pretty damn good! With a bit of work this could be something pretty darn good! Hope my feedback helps.

I liked this game the darkness is very scary, but I want to know if this is the end of the demo? Because the game exit abruptly when I opened the last door.Keep up the good work :)
Check out my video i made of it

I like this game, I can see how it was developed and I am happy to support it on greenlight, I left feedback about how the game could be improved mainly about light but as a demo I enjoyed it a great deal.

YouTube: Fellowplayer