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Looking forward to the "full" game version of this.

Nicely done, very atmospheric.

This game was really awesome and really well made!... although i did break it lol. I couldnt find the way out but I still had a great time trying!

I make game reviews on the games i played this week one of them was yours so i hope you enjoy the video


This was an amazing game i really loved this and i hope you like the video

Why isn't this on the #1 spot of The visuals, sounds they're super good. It has some quirks but that's called and alpha. I am following this .


I'm going to be a horrible person and say that I actually found the demo a little boring, go to place A to get key to place B, I heard the "creature" but never saw it. I can see where you're going and the sound design is pretty damn good! With a bit of work this could be something pretty darn good! Hope my feedback helps.

I liked this game the darkness is very scary, but I want to know if this is the end of the demo? Because the game exit abruptly when I opened the last door.Keep up the good work :)
Check out my video i made of it

I like this game, I can see how it was developed and I am happy to support it on greenlight, I left feedback about how the game could be improved mainly about light but as a demo I enjoyed it a great deal.

YouTube: Fellowplayer